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February 25, 2016

This is a window to our world of field and backyard birding. Please welcome our bloggers as we explore the many fascinating aspects of wild birds, their habitat, and unique behavior. Our stories will not only come from our local area in Colorado but also include travels all over the country. This blog will include features on backyard habitat, birding hot spots, photography, digiscoping, and have features on many specific birding subjects.


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  1. We live in Boulder and usually expect to welcome the hummingbirds around mid-April.
    Where are they?
    Any sightings?

    • Keep your eyes and ears open for them! We have been hearing of many sightings of the earliest migrants in Southwest Boulder as well as along Boulder Creek. Mid-April is a little soon for most hummingbirds in Boulder, though you’ve probably seen a few early arrivals in recent years. Good luck and good birding! Stay safe!