FRBC’s next chapter

Dave & Lori Kwasnick

Guess what?

If you can detect a Western Tanager by ear from three counties away, you’re a birder.

And if you have a hard time identifying what flitters onto your backyard feeder, well, then you’re a birder, too.

That’s because people in either camp (and the many in between) share one critical trait: a curiously powerful passion for nature. Beginning with our first independent wild bird store in Western Pennsylvania, Lori and I have reveled in feeding that passion in birders of all ages. Does that mean selling feeders, fresh seed, optics, guides and more? Absolutely. But it also requires being something far larger: a community hub where birders of all stripes gather to talk about their latest sightings, share favorite avian photos and talk all things nature. Plus, it means ensuring that hub extends beyond store walls through birding outings, speaking engagements, gripping social media content and other experiences.

We’re now proud to serve you as owners of the Front Range Birding Company. Our goal is simple: to exceed your expectations and bring you ever closer to the natural world you yearn for.


Dave & Lori Kwasnick

Owners, The Front Range Birding Company

Tom Bush and his wife Diane started the Front Range Birding Company in 2003, with their son John helping build the displays while Diane stocked the shelves. Little did Tom know then, but his family would grow to include thousands of birders in Littleton, Boulder and beyond. Our family is now proud to be part of this kinship of nature and continue what Tom and Diane began nearly 20 years ago.