Lake and Cabin Mason Bee Shelter


Lake and Cabin Collections inspired by the Great Outdoors! Add more valuable bee pollinators to your garden with our Lodge styling Mason bee shelter. They are called Masons because they work with mud to build and seal their nests, as pollinators, Mason Bees are attracted to flowering plants, such as vegetables, fruit trees & bushes, flowering annuals, perennials and vine plants. Their work in the Spring can determine the volume of fruit or vegetables that will be available to harvest. Mount to a post or wall ideally near a source of mud. For best results, use near flowering plants known to attract bees (Bee Balm, Black-eyed Susan, Purple Coneflower, etc.). The fiberboard nesting tubes should be replaced each spring after Mason Bees have emerged from their nests. (refillable nesting tubes sold separately) Sturdy screwed together construction

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