Saturday, Nov. 18 Bird Walk to Hudson Gardens with the Incomparable Ruth Gabreski!

December 4, 2023

We began with a loud call of American Crow, in the stand of pines trees we observed flocks of Bustits, it’s a social songbird & one of the smallest passerines in North America. They were feeding on small insects & Bustits do love spiders one of their favorites. Along the South Platte, we heard many calls of American Goldfinches, Song Sparrows, House Finches singing, & Black-capped Chickadees surrounded us with their bouncy flight in & near cattails.  As we continued along the river, Mourning Dove flew above with its long, pointed tail, & a sizable Buck was startled running along the other side river. Just as we headed across the bridge, we noticed a few Killdeers on the rocks in water & several Mallards, Buffleheads, & one stunning Common male Goldeneye.  Passing the bridge, off to left a trail led us to a peaceful pond filled with Ducks both (dabblers & divers).  We saw few Buffleheads, American Widgeons, a pair of Northern Shovelers, several Ring-necked Ducks, one Lesser Scaup, one American Coot. At the pond we watched closely 3 muskrats eating pond weeds or it looked like Cattails roots, & two Beavers swam by us.  As we were getting ready to return back a few Common Mergansers flew in.  These Mergansers, our only ducks that specific in eating fish & the largest of the three Mergansers we have. A delightful sunny bird trip with lots of Nature that surrounded us.

 Bushtit   25

 American Crow  1

 American Goldfinch 4

 Song Sparrow 4

 Black-capped Chickadee  8

 Red-winged Blackbird  2

 Canada Geese  15

 House Finches  6

 Red­-tailed Hawk  2

 Morning Dove  1

 Killdeer  4


 Belted Kingfisher  2

 American Robin  1

 Northern Flicker 3

 Common Merganser  3

 Common Goldeneye  1

 American Widgeon 10

 Bufflehead  12

 Ring-necked Duck 8

 Northern Shoveler 2

 Lesser Scaup  1

 American Coot  1

 Muskrats 3

 Beaver 2

Pterodactyls 0


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